Jul 31

The annual clearance sale at Coco’s Cottage Woodstock starts at 10 AM on Aug 4th! Come out and find a treasure!

Jul 20

Ladies Like Us

Who are ladies like us?

We are normal ladies who want to look nice whether at work, at play or at social events.

We want clothes in which we can live our everyday lives.

We don’t wear pajamas to the grocery store.

We aren’t slaves to the latest trends, yet we want to stay current.

We don’t love disposable fashion... it’s bad for the environment.

We love supporting Made in the USA companies.

We don’t want to (and usually can’t) spend thousands of dollars to look good in one outfit, yet we want quality clothing.

We want to smile when we look in the mirror.

Check back here frequently for updates on current trends, new colors, fashion tips and news about the shop.